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Managed Data Backup and Recovery Services

A Critical Part Of Your IT Support Package

If a server fails or your business finds itself the victim of malware or a virus, you risk losing some or all of your data. This is why you need an effective backup strategy and supporting services. This ensures your business is protected and will recover to normal operation quickly.

Secure Data Backups

Using industry leading software we ensure your backups work. This is achieved by automatic verification, so you can be confident in them when you need them most.

  • Scheduled Automated Backups

  • Encrypted Onsite Backups

  • Encrypted Offsite Backups

  • Backup Integrity Testing

You can be confident that your data is securely backed up and that your backups will support selective levels of data recovery. The frequency and scope of data backups is something we discuss and agree with you.

We are proud that not a single customer using our managed backup solution has lost data.

Data Backup & Recovery - Secure Data Backups

Data Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery - Data Recovery

When you need to go to your backups you need absolute assurance that they are there for you.

  • Full Server Restores

  • Specific File Restores

  • Specific File Version Restores

  • Recovery Integrity Testing

Our backup solutions not only allows us to do a full restore of your servers but we can also recover “that” file as it was at 3PM two weeks ago last Tuesday.  We call this versioning and it is possible due to the constant trickle backup solution that take place throughout the day, enabling us to restore previous versions of files, not only the file itself.

All backups are verified constantly as part of our service and we can perform file recovery tests as and when required.

Backing Up Data Is Serious Business

We take backups very seriously. We are proud to report that not a single customer has lost data where our recommended backup solutions are in place.

We work with hundreds of customers with diverse security requirements, across a range of sectors, ensuring that their back-up requirements are managed reliably, professionally and cost-effectively. Our backup and recovery services will ensure that your mission-critical data is backed up regularly, stored safely and is quickly recoverable.

All backups are monitored and our staff attend to issues proactively ensuring your data is in the safest of hands at all times.

If you feel 100% confident about your backup solution then you are in a minority. Data backup is a concern for most businesses, even when backup solutions are in place.

The truth is that you only really know that your solution is working if you test it, so we invite you to do just that by playing The Backup Game.



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