Managed Cloud Services

Enabling your business to take advantage of the cloud

Cloud options

You and your business may already be using the cloud in some form. The cloud simply means any computing service that is delivered to the end-user via an internet connection. There are three ways your business can deploy cloud services...

Public cloud

Private cloud


Making a conscious decision to deploy a cloud solution for your business is something we have assisted many of our customers with, as part of the tailored IT support services we provide to them. We can do exactly the same for you.

The benefits

The cloud introduces opportunities for your business to secure a range of benefits. These include...

Lower adoption costs

Greater scalability

Reliability and resilience

High availability

Work from anywhere

As part of a tailored IT support package we will ensure you can benefit from deploying cloud solutions to support your business operations.

How the cloud can support your business

Cloud technologies remove the constraint of limited available capital. This means your business can adopt solutions quickly and widely, paying only for the services it needs. The services that become available support your business with...

Communication & collaboration

File storage & sharing

Data backup & recovery

Productivity through SaaS applications

A common Software as a Service (Saas) cloud application is Office 365. We have extensive experienced of deploying, configuring and managing Office 365 implementations. This includes successfully migrating customers from legacy office support applications to Office 365.

Public Cloud

This is the most common way the cloud is deployed. Under this option your business leases everything or pays a subscription to use services. Your cloud service provider owns and operates the infrastructure, and your business will be sharing the infrastructure with other businesses. Public cloud deployments are frequently used for...

Cloud based email

Online office applications

Data storage & sharing

Public cloud deployments are cost-effective because they involve no capital outlay and all maintenance costs fall on the cloud service provider. In addition, public cloud is rapidly scalable and highly reliable. Public cloud service providers also need to maintain high levels of security and be compliant with data protection legislation.

Private Cloud

A private cloud deployment means your business has exclusive use of the services and infrastructure that are hosted in a data centre and accessed via the internet. Your business may own the data centre but more often than not you will be locating the infrastructure with a data centre operator. Private cloud deployments are typical for...

Financial businesses

Legal businesses

Any business needing full control of data

Private cloud deployments have the advantage of being more flexible that public cloud deployments because you are not sharing the infrastructure and services with other businesses. Costs will be higher than public cloud but savings still exist over maintaining an entirely in-house IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud deployment is a blend of private, public and in-house infrastructure. Hybrid solutions are employed for a range of valid reasons. Your business may need to support some sensitive business processes and data in an on premise or private cloud deployment. However, office applications and email could be deployed in a public cloud solution.  A typical example of a Hybrid solution could be an in house file server with an Office 365 email solution.

Hybrid cloud deployments still offer...

Cost savings

Scalability & flexibility

Hybrid cloud deployments also offer the following benefits...

Control of sensitive business processes and data

Smooth transitioning to cloud services

Cloud security

Security concerns are often cited as reasons why businesses defer or limit the introduction of cloud services. The rise in cyber security threats is real. Choosing a cloud service provider or a data centre operator must include extensive due diligence concerning...

physical security measures

Technology protection solutions

Data protection compliance

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