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IT Helpdesk Services

Fundamentally, IT Support is a business decision, not a technical issue. Downtime costs money, time and reputation.

And if things go too wrong for too long then livelihoods, careers and businesses are on the line.

The real challenge isn’t in recognising the many business benefits of IT Support - it’s in choosing the IT Support partner best equipped to give you the kind of expert support and cast iron protection that you need.

Perfectly placed between the one-man band who lacks IT Support muscle and larger companies bound by size and impersonality, Pro-Networks deliver an assured blend of certified support, experience and expertise.

We’ve been providing IT Support and related services for more than 21 years and in that time have built a large and loyal customer base.

Our 99% customer retention rate says you’ll like the service you get.

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  • All of our technical staff are Microsoft trained and certified
  • We can help you with IT Support, VoIP Telephony and your Cyber Security needs - we are your one stop solution
  • We have been serving businesses for over 21 years
  • We do not tie our customers into long term, auto renewing contracts
  • More than 70% of the support calls we receive are resolved the same day

If it’s a question of IT support, our multi-disciplined, Microsoft Certified team are sure to have the answer.

IT Support Solutions Designed Around You

So whether you’re looking to supplement your existing in-house IT staff or want a virtual IT department to support your business – use us.

We’ve got all the expert IT Support you need – whenever and wherever you need it.

Put simply – we know exactly what we’re doing.

Service KPIs For May 2024

Calls Answered Within

KPI - Time To Answer

8 Seconds

Average Initial Response

KPI - Response

32 Minutes

Average Resolution Time

KPI - Resolution

313 Minutes

Same Day Resolution

KPI - Same Day Resolution


Customer Retention

KPI - Customer Retention


How Do We Compare

KPI - Question Mark

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