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  • The Backup Game

The Backup Game

Test if you can recover your data BEFORE the unthinkable happens

Are you backing up your data? We bet you’ve been asked that question many times before!
Just how reliable and effective are your back-up arrangements, and how well would your business recover from a significant loss of data?
You can test the effectiveness of your current provider’s back-up arrangements in a safe and controlled way.
We call it ‘The Backup Game’

Here's how to play...

Its a simple three step process.

Backup Game - Today

Create a Word document, save it on your file server and make a note of its name and location.

Backup Game - Tomorrow

Delete the file from the server.

Backup Game - After A Month

Call your IT / Backup company and ask them to recover the file for you.

If your file cannot be recovered, you NEED to review your back ups!

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