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Cyber crime does not just target big business

Although the risk of cyber criminals specifically targeting small businesses is less than it is for large businesses the impact of a successful security breach is far greater. This is because larger businesses typically have the resources and the resilience plans in place to enable business to continue. They also have deeper financial reserves that allow them to absorb financial penalties imposed by regulators when security breaches expose personal data.

The UK Government estimates that a successful cyber attack will cost a small business between £65,000 to £115,000. In spite of this estimate only around 25% of small businesses have set aside money to deal with a cyber attack.

The risk of a cyber attack is real

Make no mistake, the risk of a cyber attack is very real for small businesses. In the past cyber crime has been unreported by larger businesses, such as banks. A key reason has been the damage a security breach has on reputation. Enter GDPR and the risk of heavy financial penalties has placed the spotlight on cyber security for all businesses.

Broad spectrum of threats

Whether you recognise it or not your business is being exposed to a range of cyber threats every day. The most common forms are scatter gun malware and phishing attacks via email but there many other forms of threat. However, malware is currently the biggest threat to small businesses because it targets the weakest link in the chain, the human.

Take steps to safeguard your business

Knowing where your vulnerabilities are is key to putting in place steps to minimise the chances of an attempted cyber attack being successful. As see regularly in the news, attacks do succeed. It is impossible to eliminate the risk because new forms of attack are being regularly devised by criminals. But, it is possible to minimise the risk of a successful attack.

Cyber security technical and compliance services



We ensure you have firewall hardware of sufficient quality, that it is properly configured and the firmware is patched up to date.

Gateway Security Protection

Greatly increases the effectiveness of the border control function of your firewalls.

Penetration Testing, Internal Vulnerability Scans

We detect and remove vulnerabilities in your perimeter defences and identify and rectify internal vulnerabilities.

Threat Monitors

We can provide both off-line and real-time monitoring to ensure suspicious behaviour and illicit access attempts are thwarted.

Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication

Access to sensitive systems might require more protection than a standard ID and Password can provide.

Anti Virus & Anti Malware

Providing you with the best solutions to stop viruses and malware reaching your network.


Staff Awareness Training

Equipping your staff with knowledge so they can adopt good practice and spot threats.

CyberEssentials & CyberEssesntials+

Helping you to adopt these standards so cyber attacks cannot succeed.


Become compliant to the regulations, and gain the benefits of a 'data protection by design' culture. Allow us to facilitate your data protection impact assessments.


Equipping you to meet the standard, which is essential if you take credit card payments, either on or off line.

ISO 27001

Helping you achieve the globally recognised gold standard in IT risk management systems.

Outsourced DPO duties

We can take on the this core role, so that you leverage our expertise and avoid internal conflicts of interest.

Let's start talking

Doing nothing is inviting the inevitable. Our cyber security experts are here to help. Start talking to one of them today and let's ensure your business is as robust as it can be against cyber attacks.

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