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  • Case Study - Kenney Moore

I need an honest, constructive response from my IT support provider and that’s precisely what I get from Pro-Networks. They have always provided the right response, at the right time in the right way, and I trust them 100%.

Tim Kenney, Partner

Howard Moore and Tim Kenney formed Kenney Moore in 1995 to provide expert advice to clients across the UK on all aspects of commercial property acquisition, disposal and management.

The Chester-based business - ‘We solve property problems for grown-ups’ - prides itself on delivering a dedicated and personal service to its clients.


Kenney Moore moved to Pro-Networks in 2009 from an independent provider. Tim Kenney explains: “We were with him for a few years but as we got bigger, we realised that if we had a serious problem and our provider was away or ill, we didn’t have a Plan B to fall back on.

“As we were growing rapidly, we realised we needed a more comprehensive, responsive provider that could better support our ambitious growth plans. That’s where Pro-Networks came in.”


Pro-Networks initially installed a new server and a number of workstations and went on to help the Kenney Moore team evolve their network.

When the time came to consider upgrading the server, there were extensive discussions around the options available and their associated cost structures.

Armed with expert information and advice from the dedicated Pro-Networks customer service manager, it was decided to move to a Pro-Networks-hosted cloud-based solution as an alternative to replacing the server. The Pro-Networks team also helped Kenney Moore migrate to Office 365 during this process.


The solution removed all concerns about data security and worries around the possibility of data loss, and enabled every member of the team to work from any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

“Apart from being a cheaper and more robust option, it proved to be a huge benefit from a lifestyle point of view in that I can choose to work anywhere I want,” says Tim.

“It was particularly valuable when I broke my leg and unable to get into my office. It was a real bonus to be able to continue working seamlessly from my own home.”

“With a fixed price arrangement for our IT, we know exactly where we are,” he added.



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