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  • Case Study - Calibre Control International

The Pro-Networks team’s customer service and responsiveness are outstanding. They always go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy.

Laura Platt, Operations Manager

Calibre Control International supplies a wide range of state-of-the-art testing equipment for leading brands within the food and drink industry both home and abroad.

Based in Warrington and established since 1988 their mission is to ensure their customers have access to the best quality testing equipment and are supported in business of supplying nutritious produce to the global food industry.

Calibre have been a valued Pro-Networks customer since March 2012.


Calibre’s network was in need of a refresh when Pro-Networks was selected after a three-way pitch to take over the IT support function for Calibre.

Pro-Networks offered a competitive quote and assurances the solution would be future proof and that Pro-Networks could provide the support that the business needed.


The server installed in 2012 continued to perform well. During Q4 of 2017 it was agreed that the server should be upgraded by Pro-Networks and email services migrated to the cloud using Office 365.

This latest upgrade took place onsite, with services and data migrated from the old server to the new in a carefully managed and controlled process.

The benefit of this migration method is that the impact on the customer’s day-to-day operations is minimal.  The process features daily communication with the customer, with all significant milestones planned and agreed in advance.


The Calibre team is able to rely on a future-proofed solution to its IT requirements, confident in being able to expect the expertise and service standard that it demands.

In the words of our customer...

“Pro-Networks was recommended to us at a time when we were unhappy with our then suppliers who were poor, slow and unhelpful. We organised a three-way pitch and Pro-Networks was a clear winner.

Their initial task in 2012 was to replace the ageing server. I was dreading that there would be major disruption but it wasn’t nearly as difficult or stressful as I had anticipated.

The engineer who took the lead on installing the server logged on at 5.00am the following morning to make sure everything was working. He didn’t have to do that. That really impressed us. I knew then that we’d made the right decision to appoint Pro-Networks.

We’ve been a customer now since early 2012. We’ve never looked elsewhere, nor have we wanted to and we’re really quite a demanding business in terms of service and quality.

Every one of the Pro-Networks team is great on the phone and they’re all so clever!  They understand us and they work with us. They’re also really patient and supportive with those team members here at Calibre who aren’t quite as IT savvy as some of their colleagues.  We appreciate that.

I would say that we are quite a ‘needy’ company in terms of our IT requirements. If I say that something is urgent, they deal with it. They have even delivered things to us next morning if we needed it.

The Pro-Networks team’s customer service and responsiveness are outstanding. They always go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy.”



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