Hyper-V v VMware
Published 26 Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization, businesses are continually seeking the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet their evolving needs. One such battleground is the choice between Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor and VMware, with the latter undergoing a notable transformation into a subscription-based service. Broadcom’s decision to do away with perpetual licences (even those you already own!) has caused many businesses to look at their Virtual Environment and consider alternatives. A leading consideration, and the preferred solutions for Pro-Networks is Microsoft Hyper-V.   In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor over VMware, and explain why it is the go-to choice for many businesses.

1. Cost-Efficiency

One of the primary considerations for businesses is the cost of implementing and maintaining a virtualization solution. Microsoft Hyper-V stands out with its cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to VMware's recent shift towards a subscription-based model. Hyper-V is part of the Windows Server operating system, providing a native virtualization solution without additional licensing costs for the hypervisor itself. Hyper-V is part of the Windows Server operating system, licensing your hardware with Windows Server automatically grants you Hyper-V rights. You may already have Hyper-V rights if you are running Windows Server Virtual machines on an ESXI Hypervisor.

2. Seamless Integration with Windows Ecosystem

Microsoft's ecosystem synergy is a compelling reason to choose Hyper-V. With seamless integration into Windows environments, Hyper-V facilitates a unified and streamlined experience for users already invested in Microsoft technologies. This integration extends to management tools, allowing for a cohesive approach to virtualization within the broader IT infrastructure.

3. Robust Security Features

Security is paramount in today's digital landscape, and Hyper-V doesn't disappoint in this regard. Hyper-V offers a range of security features, including Shielded Virtual Machines and Host Guardian Service, ensuring that your virtualized environment remains safeguarded against potential threats. These features contribute to creating a resilient defence mechanism, making Hyper-V a secure choice for businesses with stringent security requirements.

4. Scalability and Performance

Hyper-V's scalability is another feather in its cap. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise-level organization, Hyper-V adapts to the varying needs of your workload. With support for large-scale virtual environments and an efficient allocation of resources, Hyper-V ensures optimal performance and responsiveness. This is particularly crucial for organizations experiencing growth and expecting their virtualization platform to scale alongside them. VMWare is often cited as being a more efficient solution as it is a ‘pure’ Hypervisor with no other roles to process with its primary workload. Did you know, that whilst offering a plethora of roles and features, Windows Server roles are installed and configured on demand and as required, a Hyper-V server can be configured as just that, a pure Hyper-V server.

5. Licensing Flexibility

Hyper-V's licensing model provides flexibility, catering to a variety of organizational needs. Microsoft allows business to choose from different editions of Windows Server, each with its own set of features and licensing costs. This flexibility empowers businesses to tailor their virtualization solution to match their specific requirements without unnecessary, ongoing expenses.


VMware and Hyper V have been sparring for years in the virtualization realm, and the recent shift towards a subscription-based model has prompted many organizations to reevaluate their VMware solution. Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor emerges as a clear winner in this comparison for the SME market, offering a cost-effective, seamlessly integrated, and secure virtualization solution. Its scalability and licensing flexibility further contribute to its appeal, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

As a Microsoft Modern Solutions Certified Partner, Pro-Networks have championed the Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor solution.  While we will continue and are happy to support VMWare, if you are thinking about migrating to Microsoft’s Hyper-V solution as a result of this licencing decision - we can help you, potentially using existing Windows Server licences.

Perceived downtime and disruption are often leading factors in just staying with your existing solution. Our expert, Microsoft accredited project engineering team can manage a virtualisation platform change for you, with no downtime during your business hours.

Speak to us today to see how we can help you with this.


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