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Pro-Server? Pro-Cloud? Pro-Networks

Every survey you read tells you hybrid working is here to stay, and for many companies, this will be the case.

The obvious choice when considering replacing your on-premise server infrastructure in 2023 and beyond, is to replace it with a cloud computing solution.

But is the obvious choice the right one?

Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions, let’s take a minute to clarify what each solution is.

What is the on-premise model?

The on-prem / on-premise model is where a server is located on-site and is managed either in-house or by a third-party provider, such as Pro-Networks. Data is held, and software is installed on the company’s own hardware and users access the files and applications they need from this. The infrastructure is safeguarded from the outside world by a firewall.

On-Premise solutions can be considered more secure and allow for a higher level of management in contrast to cloud solutions.

What is the cloud computing model?

Sometimes referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the cloud computing model sees the company’s infrastructure taken offsite and files and applications are accessed remotely. IaaS can be achieved in both a Public and Private Cloud solution.

Private Cloud is where you either host your own hardware, or rent specific hardware from a vendor, at a third-party location, such as a data centre, something Pro-Networks can help you with. Hardware is owned, or rented by the company and resources are available exclusively to you.

Public Cloud operates in a similar way, but you do not own any hardware. Servers reside in a virtualised environment and resources are rented on a subscription basis from the IaaS provider. Common IaaS solutions include Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution?


Traditional On-Premise

Private Cloud

Public Cloud


The assets are owned and budgets will need to be set for hardware refreshes, typically every five years.

In addition to purchasing or renting the hardware, the datacentre will charge for hosting the hardware.

Typically has lower adoption costs (charged on a per user / per usage basic) but costs can escalate quickly, especially if lots of storage is required.

Security and Compliance

As the infrastructure is fully owned and managed, security is under the control of the IT department.

As the infrastructure is fully managed, security is under the control of the IT department.

Multiple publicised cloud breaches mean security concerns are the biggest barrier to widespread cloud computing adoption.


Users access files and applications locally while in the office. Remote working can be achieved with additional configuration.

Users access files and applications remotely from any location with an internet connection.

User access files and applications remotely from any location with an internet connection.

Given the need for hybrid working and the apparent higher adoption costs of an on-premise solution, cloud computing seems an easy decision to make.

Public Cloud seems to have lower adoption costs and wider accessibility but there may be security concerns about data breaches.

Private Cloud helps alleviate security concerns and allows for hybrid working but there is the feeling of “paying twice” for the solution – once to purchase or rent the hardware and again to host it.

Is there a better Hybrid Solution?

We believe there is!

Server 2022 and Windows 11 Enterprise provides a secure solution giving your remote users full access to local resources in the office, as though they were in the office.

Always On VPN is a Microsoft automated service that provides a secure connection between your end user’s device and your internal network.

This happens without end-user intervention – when their laptop is powered on and connected to the internet, they are connected to the office, and there are no additional logins required.

This solution gives the best experience to your office based colleagues and your remote team access files as though they were in the cloud. As on premise storage is so much more affordable, this solution particularly lends itself very well to businesses with lots of data.

How can Pro-Networks Help?

We have always believed the best solution is the one that is right for the customer, and we can help with all of the solutions above.

We will work with you to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each solution with your unique set of requirements to make sure the solution provided is the best one for you.

Please call us today on 01244 526000 to let us help you with this important business decision.

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