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IT Procurment and Strategy

Even in the age of the cloud, hardware has its place. We need something to physically type on, and something we can look at so that we know what is going on.

Hardware Won’t Go Away

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and, often, they’re right. Back in the fledgling days of computing, users would type away on terminals with teletype-style paper output or basic monochrome displays. They were connected to huge mainframe computers, where the data and programs were stored. Because of the time sharing properties of the mainframe, it felt to each user as though they had the sole attention of the computer.

Replace the mainframe in that scenario with the cloud, and you have a neat description of computing for many of today’s businesses. Although you can store your data in the cloud, and run your software in cloud-hosted virtual servers, you still need something in front of you to type on, and a screen to read from. And that means desktop computers or laptops.

Pro-Networks and Dell

Pro-Networks have a trading relationship with Dell that spans decades. We know their products, warranties, and technologies inside out. Of course, that includes desktops, servers, and laptops, but it also includes accessories and peripherals such as monitors, mice, keyboards, webcams, and docking stations.

Dell’s stringent, quality-controlled manufacturing processes enable them to provide a five year warranty for their corporate desktops and servers, and a three year warranty for laptops.

Dell’s product line also includes hardware for your in-house network, such as managed network switches and network attached storage (NAS) devices all the way up to high-speed, high-availability storage area networks (SANs) that can be used to build private or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Procurement and Strategy

Procuring your hardware through Pro-Networks means we deal with the order, delivery, configuration, and installation. We wipe all desktops and laptops and re-install the operating system, ensuring all unwanted and unnecessary software is removed. You get a lean, mean, dependable business machine without any of the heartache.

Obviously, for servers and items like SANs, there is a tremendous amount of planning and strategic thought required before the operating system is even chosen, never mind installed. In actual fact, the planning starts before you’ve even placed the order. We strive to become your IT partner, not just your hardware outlet. We work with you to develop a road-map for your IT that considers your business needs, objectives, budget and timescales.

We tailor solutions to businesses, not the other way round. We deal with Dell because we respect and recommend their products and after-service, but we’re not blinkered or hampered by any sort of lock-in. If a product from another manufacturer is the best answer to a particular problem, we’ll source and use that product. It’s very common for us to complement a Dell installation with products from other market-leaders such as Cisco, Lenovo, Ubiquiti and APC.

The Benefit of an IT Strategy

A sane and well understood IT strategy can save you money. What may seem like a sensible investment today can quickly become an expensive misspend. The IT equivalent of painting yourself into a corner inevitably requires additional time, expense, and disruption to get you out of it. Just as bad is leaping onto a bandwagon when there’s neither a need nor benefit to your operation, efficiency, or bottom line.

Our experience and expertise help you avoid exactly that type of unwanted and expensive scenario. Pro-Networks are experts at delivering robust and cost-effective private and public cloud-based solutions, traditional on-premise solutions, and hybrid solutions combining cherry-picked elements from cloud and traditional infrastructures.

IT strategy, acquisition, and installation - it's what makes us tick.

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