SonicWall Technical Master
Published 18 Mar 2021

Gustaw Trebski of Pro-Networks achieves SonicWall Technical Master Status

SonicWall is an industry leading security organisation trusted by over 500,000 organisations in 215 countries and its products are trusted by Pro-Networks in a large number of its customers.

In achieving this title, Gustaw joins a very exclusive group of 3 engineers in the North of England to demonstrate the skills and expertise to pass expert-level real world qualifications in both the SonicWall range and the overall cybersecurity landscape.

To become a SonicWall Technical Master, Gustaw has successfully passed 8 assessments including the SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA) and the SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) qualifications.

The SNSA curriculum is designed to teach students specific SonicWall network security technology. To pass students must demonstrate they can successfully implement and configure SonicWall firewall appliances and security services. SonicWall recommends this course for networking professionals responsible for the daily operation of one or more security appliances.

Once the SNSA was achieved Gustaw went on to pass the SNSP examination which is an expert-level qualification concerned with the deployment, optimisation and troubleshooting of all associated SonicWall product features.

Gustaw Technical Master Certificate

Pro-Networks is committed to staff training and development and Gustaw’s achievement demonstrates the breadth of knowledge and complements our multiple Microsoft Gold and Silver accreditations, Apple Engineer Certifications, CISCO, CompTia and many others.

Gustaw confirmed “I am very proud to have achieved this level of qualification. I believe the knowledge gained will empower us to adapt and stay ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.  This in turn, will allow us to provide the best advice and cybersecurity solutions for our customers.“

Pro-Networks Managing Director, Paul Crudge said “This latest achievement by Gustaw really does demonstrate the commitment he has to deliver the very best security to our customers.  We are hugely proud of all the members of the Pro-Networks team, their individual dedication to technical excellence is a huge benefit to our customers and shows the strength in the team.  We are all very proud to congratulate Gustaw on his qualification.“

David Meredith, Channel Account Manager at SonicWALL added “with Gustaw achieving SonicWall Technical Master status he joins a very exclusive group of 3 engineers in the North of England that have this qualification. This is even more impressive when you realise that there are less than 20 individuals in the whole of UK who hold this certification.”

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