Mark Braithwaite, IT Support Engineer, Pro-Networks
Position: Support Engineer
First year in IT: 2007
Joined Pro-Networks: 2013
Home Town: Wrexham
Family: Parents, Brother and Nephews.
Hobbies: Gym & mountain hiking.
Life's ambition: Gave up on getting taller, so now its to be as successful as I can to support my family.
Dream job as a child: Door to Door Charity collection – I was very young and assumed they kept the money, collecting it in the tins for themselves. A DJ later on.


Customer service KPI performance for April 2020

It support icon for engineer with headphones

Customers spoke to an IT engineer within 18 seconds.

IT support icon showing stopwatch

71.46% of support calls resolved same day.

IT support icon showing team

100% of customers retained our services.