Chris Morris, Technical Manager, Pro-Networks
Position: Technical Manager
First year in IT: 1995
Joined Pro-Networks: 2007
Home Town: Alsager
Family: Married with 2 sons.
Hobbies: Photography, Spending time with the family, IT, Singing and Acting.
Best thing about Pro-Networks: No two days are the same so you cant get bored.
Pets: 3 rabbits.
Life's ambition: Win the lottery and travel the world.
Dream job as a child: I wanted to be a pilot in the RAF.


Customer service KPI performance for March 2019

It support icon for engineer with headphones

Customers spoke to an IT engineer within 13 seconds.

IT support icon showing stopwatch

74.84% of support calls resolved same day.

IT support icon showing team

100% of customers retained our services.