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Utilise the power of your data


Are you drowning in a sea of duplicated or inconsistent data? Do you have version control issues? Multiple realities? Are you struggling to see the wood for the wool over your eyes? Sounds like you could use some CRM solutions to help you out.

If your company content is turning into more of a liability than an asset, here’s something that could make your life a whole lot easier – Microsoft SharePoint.

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Set Your Content Free With Microsoft Sharepoint

Proven, world-class, world-wide, web-enabled content management and collaboration software. Microsoft SharePoint is the simple way to effectively store, find and share the information you need…… when and where you need it.

Even better than that, SharePoint’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM means you can quickly and easily share company content to get even closer to your customers and prospects.

The Power of Proximity

The closer you are, the more responsive, the more pre-emptive and the more nuanced your relationship is. The closer you are, the more profitable the relationship for both you and your customers.

3 Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Easily organise, manage and share important customer sales and marketing documents such as proposals, contracts and presentations; even if contributors don’t have access to CRM.

Powerful version control, simultaneous editing and checking in/out means that you are always working on the right version of the right document.

By linking CRM related documents with CRM information you enjoy a deeper, clearer understanding of your customer relationship.

Your company content matters. In fact it matters like never before. The ways you share it, the ways you work with it and the ways you secure it will define your success. Creating CRM solutions with Pro-Networks will ensure you achieve this.

Did you know?

Microsoft Share Point can make things much easier for your business.