Microsoft Partner for Expert IT Support, based in Chester, supporting business across the North West, North Wales and the UK

Did you know that we’ve been integrating systems, building interfaces and developing bespoke applications for more than 20 years?

Probably not. To be honest we’ve been so busy working on client software projects that it’s not been something we’ve tended to go on about. Clients merge, they build new alliances, they implement new systems, they re-structure.

With our bespoke development we help their data flow and their businesses grow.

Are you standing on the edge of a software decision? Plotting a way forward? Then maybe we can help you. In three main ways:

If you don’t know what to look for, how will you know when you see it? The infamous “unknown unknowns”. Use our experience to present some options, a range of best case scenarios. Allow us to guide you through the possibilities, the pros and cons of any particular application or interface. We’ve a close eye on a wide selection of the latest commercial software and the latest industry thinking. Use our insight to shine a light, to help and to advise.

When it comes to installation, modifications and any bespoke work, again, you can rely on us for top quality input. From writing a piece of code that pulls in accounts information, patching in data from a legacy system or integrating packages such as Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’ve done it all. So whatever your requirement, chances are we’ll be able to do it for you too. Bespoke Development to meet your needs.

Because we take a holistic approach to our IT support, you can rest assured that whatever path you choose, software-wise, your hardware and infrastructure will always align.

Time To Talk Software?

Software – it’s just a tool. Use us to identify and apply the tools you need to get the job done. If they’re out there on the market at a sensible cost, then great; if we need to craft them ourselves, no problem. Whatever it takes.

Did You Know?

We have been integrating systems, building interfaces and developing bespoke applications for more than 20 years.