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Essential Broadband where the more standard services aren’t available

For many people, a high speed broadband service to their homes or small businesses is often a dream and always a frustration as you don’t have to stray far off the beaten path to be in a ‘Not-spot’ or ‘Slow-spot’.

With so many aspects of life today depend on a reliable high speed broadband service, we now consider broadband to be ‘The Fourth Utility’ and as such, our range of ‘Essential Broadband’ services have broken the grip of the ‘not-spot’ in many rural parts of the UK.

Simply put, our customers find our broadband to be “…transformational” as Essential broadband is:

  • Offered in a range of speeds (2Mb/s, 4Mb/s, 10Mb/s and 50Mb/s)
  • A faster, more reliable alternative than using traditional copper lines
  • Available in areas where ‘traditional’ broadband alternatives fail.