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You might be a business that needs a fast and reliable private connection between your head office and your branch sites

Or maybe an enterprise that needs to join up all your remote sites across one easy network. Whatever your needs for dedicated connectivity, there’s a solution with Pro-Networks range of Leased Line Replacement services.

With capacities starting at just 2Mb and going all the way up to a blisteringly fast 10Gb, LLR is more than just a replacement for outdated and overpriced Leased Lines. When it comes to comparing them to the old fixed line equivalents, there really is no contest:

  • Higher availability – from 99.85% up to 99.999% backed by an SLA and service credits
  • Reliability: why else do the emergency services use the same technology for mission critical applications?
  • Low latency regardless of the link length
  • No per metre billing; whether your building is five or fifty kilometres apart, there’s just one fixed price.
  • No hidden ‘Excess Construction’ charges.

Why let your troublesome leased line issues distract your from focusing on your core business? Make the change today and connect to one of our LLR services for both speed and reliability at a cost that makes sense.