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Be Strong – Stay Strong – Pro-Safe Online Backup

You know what they say…’the road to business disaster is paved with good back-up intentions’…. OK, perhaps that’s a little over the top, but the principle is certainly true. When it comes to back-ups, few of us are perfect.

Managed online backup

Ask yourself, hand on heart – are you as organised or as diligent as you could or should be when it comes to back-ups? If you can’t deliver an unequivocal YES, then we can help, in two important ways:

  1. Through our remote system monitoring and diagnostics service – a 24/7 preventative health check. No more staring disaster in the face and not even knowing it.
  2. By taking full control and responsibility for your back-ups. No more remembering you’ve forgotten. An Online backup is the ideal solution.

Get Your Retaliation In First

By remotely monitoring the health and happiness of your IT system we can quickly and easily spot technical trouble on the horizon. Armed with this information we can quickly organise pre-emptive parts swaps that not only save you from expensive downtime but also save you from the threat of data loss.

The ‘Cloud’ and the Silver Lining

Imagine the consequences of serious IT failure and subsequent data loss to your organisation: your accounts, your CRM, your email, your marketing, design, HR and the rest. It’s almost unimaginable.

That’s why we’ve designed a simple, powerful way for you to protect your data and your business.

Pro-Networks’ Pro-Safe Online Backup cloud-enabled storage of all your mission critical data is managed, scheduled and rock solid. Smart data protection that means if the worst does come to the worst you’ll be OK.

Did you know?

We can take full control of your back-ups, so you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.