Microsoft Partner for Expert IT Support, based in Chester, supporting business across the North West, North Wales and the UK

At Pro-Networks we work in partnership with our clients to deliver IT solutions, offering affordable prices and high quality delivery.

Our Approach

We are acutely aware of the frustrations that can develop within a business where IT systems don’t quite meet company needs, where the costs of maintaining an in-house IT team feels like an increasingly expensive, non-negotiable outlay and where the time and expense involved in maintaining even the minimum of technology skill level is hard to relate to the bottom line.

While we know we can provide substantial benefits to the vast majority of businesses, we don’t expect you to take that statement as proven. That’s why we provide a free system and cost assessment consultation that allows us, in partnership with you, to explore whether and how we can help your business.

We’re proud of the practical value of this exercise; confident that together we will either identify a range of productive possibilities for you, or confirm the validity and efficiency of your present systems.

The Process

  • Performance analysis of present IT infrastructure
  • Needs analysis for projected IT infrasturcture
  • Design of company IT infrastructure

Using our substantial experience, high order technical skills and the knowledge gained through our many years of client partnering, we seek to measure client need against provision.

Our Services

  • IT Support
  • Remote Management Monitoring
  • Installation and commissioning of hardware and software
  • Maintenance and repair of hardware systems
  • Company data security provision, internal and external
  • Hosting services, from data back-up to full disaster recovery & server hosting
  • Server hosting
  • Tailored database design
  • CRM design and implementation

Consider IT – the assessment


Stage One

Check of current equipment, network, walk-through with floor plan. Examination of any frustrations, vital requirements, planned or desired developments.


Access to costs and staffing numbers.

Including current support (if existing), purchases and leases, licences.


Employee & User Interviews/Remote Investigations

Brief discussions with key users of current system, further exploring issues identified in STEP 1.


Stage Two (within 7 days)

Draft recommendations and further discussion of any additional issues identified.




Final Presentation of Recommendations and Costs (if any)


Scheduling of Solutions Implementation (if any)

Fundamentally, IT support is a business decision, not a technical issue.

Pro-Networks will always work in partnership with you and your business, either as an extension of (or support for) your existing IT team, or as your dedicated outsourced IT department.

In partnership with you, and using our Consider IT evaluation, we take an overview of your IT environment, all assessed against your company’s needs, and – if required – we will design a tailored IT infrastructure for your business.

The cost effectiveness and benefits to you of a business relationship with Pro-Networks:

Flexible capacity – improved productivity

What happens when staff holidays occur at the same time as a major systems issue? At Pro-Networks we have the capacity to ensure that we have the right team in place when you need it. Our technical staff work in the IT environment every day, solving issues that can overwhelm a single IT manager or even a small in-house IT team.

Cutting edge skills

The world of IT changes daily. It costs significant time and money to maintain current skills and knowledge on IT procurement and maintenance.

At Pro-Networks we work with cutting edge technology every day, giving us the ability to integrate new technology into existing company systems. We are quietly proud of our technical qualifications, with over 30 Microsoft certifications, including MTA, MCSA and MCSE – reassuring you that we know our business, and giving you access to our expert knowledge and skills at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Managing strategy – reducing cost

It’s a fact that many businesses can’t put a figure on their IT expenditure. Costs include staff employed (or taken away from their day job) to manage IT, software, hardware and running costs; not to mention the invisible and highly painful drain on time when systems don’t work as they should. Businesses repeatedly invest substantial, often unquantified, resources into their IT systems as they grow organically – until, to an expert, it looks like a house that’s had extension after extension with no consistency of design.

We will deliver tailored Considered IT to fit the needs of your business, now and in the future.

At Pro-Networks we work in partnership with our clients to deliver IT solutions, offering affordable prices and high quality delivery.

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