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Back Up or Pack Up

Here are just some of the disaster recovery options we recommend and deploy.

Your company is built on data – built of data. Your company IS data. Data that needs to be timely, accessible and have absolute integrity. How do you protect yours? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

IT support and back up solution- hand in hand

There are endless stories of organisations taken to the brink, or even over it, all for the sake of properly managed backups. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t just be wise after the event, be wise before it by ensuring that all your mission-critical information is stored regularly, stored safely and is fully recoverable. Disaster recovery is a vital element in any business practice.

Don’t take chances with your data. Talk to us.

Snapshots of designated data saved to another part of your network at set intervals – hourly, twice a day – whatever makes most operational sense. Data loss is mitigated by backing up at short, regular intervals.

Tape is still the most popular method used to back-up large quantities of data. Stored onsite or at a separate location for additional security, we also monitor back-up for failure and/or data corruption.

Data is securely backed up via your broadband connection and the internet to a Pro-Networks server located at either our main offices or our data centre in Chester. This method removes the need to check that tape backups are occurring.

Dodge The Back-up Bullet

With the right commitment, the right organisation and the right support partner, the threat of data loss can easily be avoided. Disaster recovery options should be in place before any problems occur.

We already work with hundreds of companies ensuring that their back-ups are managed reliably, professionally and cost-effectively. Don’t get caught out without a disaster recovery plan in place – we can help you.

Did you know?

If you fail to back-up your data, you’re putting your company at risk.