Backup and Disaster Recovery Specialists

If your server fails or you find yourself the victim of malware or a virus, you risk losing all your data. With an effective backup strategy and supporting services you will be protected and will recover to normal operation quickly.

Can You Keep Trading?

Alarmingly more than half of businesses that suffer major data loss cease trading within two years.

Synchronisation is NOT backing up!

Services like Dropbox and Onedrive are not backup services. They synchronise data, which means they can facilitate the rapid spread of malware and viruses.

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We take backups very seriously. We are proud to report that not a single customer has lost data where our backup solutions are in place.

We work with hundreds of customers with diverse security requirements, across a range of sectors, ensuring that their back-up requirements are managed reliably, professionally and cost-effectively. Our IT backup service will ensure that your mission-critical data is backed up regularly, stored safely and is quickly recoverable.

All backups are monitored and our staff attend to issues proactively ensuring your data is in the safest of hands at all times.

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