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Dell SonicWALL  Internet Security products at Pro-NetworksSonicWALL Internet Security logo

SonicWALL Internet security products are now part of the Pro-Networks Internet Security product ranges. As you already know – here at Pro-Networks ( also found under IT Support Chester) we make the security of our customer’s networks and data an utmost priority. Loss of critical data can, and in most instances does, devastate a company, often to the point of being unable to carry on trading. Imagine your own company, or the company you work for – what if they lost all the critical data which you use on a daily basis? Spreadsheets, contact lists, CRM data, accounts, bespoke software, contracts, personnel data, emails… what would the impact be if it all disappeared overnight?

Protecting valuable information and data should be a very high priority in all businesses. It’s not just a case of putting a free anti-virus package on the computers, you need to be able to block intrusions before they even get to that point. That’s why we decided to partner up with one of the leading hardware security systems for SME’s in the form of SonicWALL.

SonicWALL began life as a California based company in 1991, and it made a number of network security hardware products which immediately received attention for their features and value. The company went public in 1999 and such was their growth and reputation that PC giant Dell acquired the company in March 2012. At the time of the acquisition the company had around 130 patents and over 950 employees. With Dells name at the back them, they have continued to provide fantastic security products which are respected around the world, in fact they service over 250,000 customers in 200 countries.

SonicWALL Intyernet Security Products from Pro Networks

One of the most popular products in the SonicWALL Internet Security range are the hardware firewalls. These devices deliver security with greater performance and effectiveness than the competition, plus they are fully scalable to meet the demands of a growing business. In addition they offer significantly lower cost of ownership, which is obviously good news to the company’s bottom line. They’re unmatched at preventing unwanted intrusions, blocking malware and controlling software for all of your network traffic.

The range goes from the TZ Series Unified Threat Management Firewall, which is perfect for servicing smaller businesses, up to the monstrous SuperMassive E10000 Series which is designed to meet the needs of larger corporations.

Some of the key features that make these products so effective include*: –

  • Intrusion prevention – stop unauthorised access to the network.
  • Network-based anti-malware/anti-virus/anti-spyware – block dangerous software before it can do any damage from a cloud based database of over 12 million signatures.
  • Anti-spam – stop those annoying emails reaching your inboxes.
  • Content and URL filtering – want to control what the workforce can access on the internet?
  • Security and encryption across high-speed 802.11ac wireless networks.
  • Give priority to business critical software and block unproductive applications across the WAN
  • Control and manage all network traffic (bandwidth) with the utmost efficiency across the firewall

*features differ across productsSonicWALL Internet Security TZ Range of products

We appreciate that these products appear very complicated to install and manage, but that’s where we come in. Not only can we fully install them within your office but we can also configure them to perfectly meet your requirements. In fact we are a fully approved SonicWALL solution provider, which means Dell have accredited us to install and work with these fantastic products.

Remember your data is incredibly valuable, so we strongly recommend you don’t take any risks with it – and that’s where SonicWALL can prove invaluable.

It may be too late if you take a reactive approach, so be proactive and call Pro-Networks today.