open book with feather quill
Published 30 Aug 2018

The Poem

With 400 years and a little bit more,
That can only be one person, I can hear you roar.
The majestic Carl and his Pro-Networks team,
They’re doing the biz – they’re living the dream.
‘cos If T’inter goes off and you haven’t a clue,
Your provider says you’re number 55 in the queue.
Whilst you’ve got time to think, just ponder on this . . .
A professional team with IT at the fore,
Supporting and protecting and so, so much more.
They don’t ask hard questions, they just take control,
and there’s no call out charge, now you are on a roll!
T’inter goes on, you give a sigh of relief,
You can get that quote out and be rid of the grief.
Cos we are builders, travel agents, printers and more,
We only worry about clouds when it looks about to pour.
That’s where my mate Carl, and his team are at hand,
Because Pro-Networks don’t just care, they understand!!!


BNI members will know that one feature of the weekly networking meetings are members and guests summarizing their products or services in just 60 seconds.

At Customer Services Manager Carl Jarvis’ BNI group recently, members decided to speak about each other’s businesses. Here’s how Steve Rooney, Director of Freewood Building Contractors described Pro-Networks from the messages conveyed weekly at the BNI meetings.

Steve Rooney - Director, Freewood Building Contractors, Warrington BNI

Steve Rooney - Director, Freewood Building Contractors