Published 06 Jun 2019

In previous blogs we have spoken about why your business needs Office 365 and the different mix and match subscription options that are available to you.

In this third blog of the series we start to look at the individual parts of Office 365 in more detail. This blog discusses Hosted Email.

Migrating Your Email To Office 365

If your business isn’t using Office 365 you will need to migrate your existing email service (POP3, IMAP, On-Premise Exchange, Lotus Notes or Google Mail) to Office 365.  Pro-Networks has a great deal of experience with email migrations and we can help you through this process.

Why Would You Want Your Emails In Office 365

Depending on the service you already use Office 365 will give you advantages that you haven’t previously enjoyed.  These services could be :-

POP3 / IMAP Services – These solutions belong in the realm of “home user” and Office 365 provides a more robust solution than POP3 / IMAP can provide. Office 365 provides more functionality too, such as full synchronisation between devices and applications.  For example, you could have a meeting in your calendar at 10am.  On your commute to work the meeting time changes to 11am and you accept the revised time on your mobile device.  Office 365 syncs this change to your calendar on all of your devices.  You email the recipient asking them to bring an extra report and this email is in your sent items on all of your devices, not just the one you sent it on.

On-Premise Exchange – If you are using an on-premise exchange solution you already know how your devices and applications all sync together harmoniously.  The key advantage Office 365 provides here is high availability.  If the internet connection to your on-premise exchange server is lost, it stops receiving emails. With Office 365 you can still receive emails on your mobile device while accessing files locally in your (now offline) office.

Lotus Notes – Now called IBM Notes but formerly Lotus Notes, IBM Domino and Lotus Domino.  If you are still using this we can help!

Google Mail – If you are already using Google Mail (or G Suite ) in your business and it is working for you, justifying a migration to Office 365 isn’t so easy.  As a Microsoft house, we have a leaning to Office 365 and given its global dominance as a product and the fact that everyone has used Outlook it comes down to a preference thing.  The author of this article has an inherent suspicion of Google having all of my data, including emails.  With Microsoft, Office 365 is the product. With Google YOU are the product and the more they know about you, the better for them.

Additional Benefits Of Having Your Email In Office 365

In addition to the high availability discussed above, Office 365 provides a professional email solution to businesses of all sizes.  Having incredibly high uptime rates your email will always be available to you, wherever you are, providing you have an internet connection.

Office 365 emails are stored across multiple Microsoft servers. So even though they are ‘highly available’, they are not backed up, they are redundantly replicated. It is worth pointing out here though that deleted Office 365 emails and files are only retained for 30 days by default.  

Office 365 Backups

As Office 365 only retains your emails and files for 30 days by default, should you delete an email (or a file) today and decide in 3 months you need it, it's gone, and it cannot be recovered.  Unsurprisingly, a whole industry regarding backing up Office 365 has developed and Pro-Networks can offer and implement solutions for all requirements and business needs – whether this is email archiving, legal hold or other data loss prevention tools.

Office 365 and Security

Having your data on Microsoft’s servers means your data is secure.  Office 365 benefits from being at the cutting edge of Microsoft security and updates are rolled out automatically giving you peace of mind in this critical area.  You can read more about Microsoft security policies here.

Knowing your server-side data is safe in only half the battle.  What happens if your user account is compromised by way of a guessed/leaked password or a stolen device?  With Multi-Factor Authentication and Mobile Device Management options, your client-side technology is secure too.

How Can Pro-Networks Help You With Office 365

Pro-Networks has the experience and qualifications to help you in all areas of Office 365 from migration, licencing and backing up, to maximising your subscriptions. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.

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