Screen shot of The Register article featuring Pro-NetworksPro-networks tweet featured in The Register
Published 26 Jun 2018

The Pro-Networks team’s timely efforts to alert its customers and the wider business community to a ‘phishing’ scam has been featured on the highly-regarded technology news and opinion website, The Register.

In June, a spam email purporting to be from WannaCry threatened recipients that their system has been hacked and demanded ransom payment to release the data.  WannaCry was behind the much-publicised cyber attack on the NHS in May last year.

The latest campaign appeared to be no more than an opportunistic attempt to panic victims and scare them into making payment.

Using direct contact and social media activity, Pro-Networks’ cyber experts advised customer and others to disregard the threat and encouraged them to ensure that effective back-up and recovery measures were in place.

“We constantly monitor such developments and take whatever steps we can to alert customers and others to be aware of threats to their data security,” said Customer Services Manager Carl Jarvis.

“We’re delighted that our efforts were reflected on the prestigious Register website.”