Published 30 Nov 2019

Forbes has published an article detailing predictions from industry insiders about how cybersecurity will evolve in the coming year.

It seems the business case for investment in cybersecurity will become stronger thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) making it easier to process data and analytics in real time. According to Capgemini, the proportion of organisations employing AI-based security, particularly for network security, will grow from one in five in 2019 to 63% in 2020.

Among the predictions, Forbes reports Centrify Cybersecurity Evangelist Dr. Torsten George as predicting that cybercriminals, including state-sponsored threat actors, will strengthen their use of AI to compromise organisations. He believes they will intensify their use of sophisticated AI-based algorithms to analyse organisations, possibly even using their own data streams, to identify weak spots in their defences and even emulate behavioural patterns to compromise security.

The shortage of skilled cybersecurity human resources is already a reality, and with the problem growing, Infoblox’s Vice President of Security Products, Craig Sanderson, believes that organisations will increasingly turn to AI/ML approaches for threat detection. He adds that while this may automate some cybersecurity processes, organisations still need skilled professionals to comprehend the scope, veracity, and severity of a threat in order to react effectively.

The article reports the Director of AI at Kount, Josh Johnston, as predicting that AI will be increasingly applied in account takeover, but it will also be a key to preventing it. He said:

“…the average consumer will realize that passwords are not providing enough account protection and that every account they have is vulnerable. Captcha won’t be reliable either, because while it can tell if someone is a bot, it can’t confirm that the person attempting to log in is the account holder. AI can recognize a returning user. AI will be key in protecting the entire customer journey, from account creation to account takeover, to a payment transaction. And, AI will allow businesses to establish a relationship with their account holders that are protected by more than just a password.”

Machine learning will also play a role in identifying supply chain corruption, something that is currently frequently disregarded. Infoblox’s Director of Threat Intelligence, Sean Tierney, is quoted as saying that this will increase in 2020, with AI being increasingly incorporated into traditional business practices to help cope with the big problem of determining who has access to what data in different co-working locations.

Consumers are also expected to take increase ownership of their data next year according to MobileIron’s Senior Vice President Product Management, Brian Foster.

The full article can be read on the Forbes website.

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field, and it needs to be. New technologies are providing fresh attack vectors for cybercriminals, who are increasing both in numbers and the sophistication of their methods. At Pro-Networks, though, we can help secure your organisation through a multifaceted, secure-by-design approach with our managed IT support services. We can also supplement backup and recovery services to help you cope with worst-case scenarios.


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