An Introduction To SonicWall
Published 01 Jul 2021

In this blog, we will explain what a SonicWall device is and dive into some of the benefits your business could gain by adopting this industry-leading technology.

What Is A SonicWall

Very basically, a SonicWall is a router and firewall safeguarding your network and infrastructure from the dangers of the internet.  But as an award-winning, well-respected solutions provider it is so much more than just a router and a firewall.  SonicWalls are a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution meaning they can act as a router, a firewall, a web filter, a gateway anti-virus solution and more – all bundled into one device.  We will explain more about these features later and when configured correctly a SonicWall offers the best protection you could give to your business from the dangers of the internet.

SonicWall have been protecting businesses for over 30 years and have won many industry awards, you can read more about that here

Why Do I Need A SonicWall

Your business will almost certainly already have some form of router and firewall in place.  Entry-level routers (including most provided by Internet Service Providers) offer basic On or Off protection, this is called a NAT firewall.  There is no intelligence as what is allowed through the firewall and a virus or malware threat can enter your network in an email or via a website that you or your employees visit. When configured correctly and with the appropriate features enabled a SonicWall will inspect, at a packet level, every detail of network traffic coming into or leaving your network.  This means that all threats are blocked from entering your network at the router gateway keeping your staff and network infrastructure safe.

Additional Advantages A SonicWall Offers Over Less Comprehensive Products

Gateway AntiVirus – As SonicWall devices view web traffic and emails at a much deeper level than other less comprehensive solutions the data being transferred is constantly scanned for threats before it gets to your network and desktop/laptop products.  Emails and websites are checked in real-time and only safe traffic is allowed to pass through.

Web Filtering – If enabled a SonicWall can control what your staff and wifi guests can and cannot do on the internet.  This can be done on a site basis (eg block Facebook), on a category basis (eg block gambling sites) and on an employee or group of employees basis.  You could enable Social Media access to your marketing department, but not, for example, to your sales department.  Your guests could have unrestricted access to the internet but your staff can only access it between certain hours.  These controls are designed to give you control over what your staff can and cannot do on the internet and could give you productivity gains.

Web Reporting – In conjunction with the Web Filtering options above SonicWall can be enhanced with reporting features by using the Fastvue Reporter addon.  FastVue Reporter gives managers the tools needed to monitor employee online productivity. Reports can easily show the websites being visited and how long was spent on each site.  More information on FastVue Reporter will be provided in a later blog.

Remote Working Security – SonicWall allows secure remote access to your network for your employees when working remotely. SonicWall gives options when accessing your network remotely.  Using VPNs by SonicWall technology, your employees can access designated areas of your network securely using an encrypted connection over less secure networks, such as the internet.

Put simply, SonicWall's make your network more secure without stopping your staff from being able to work

How Can Pro-Networks Help?

We are proud to have several qualified SonicWall trained engineers who can help identify the best solutions for your business.  Once the correct solution is identified we can help supply, configure and install to fulfil your business needs.  As a customer of Pro-Networks, we can help with any ongoing changes you may require.  Speak to us today to improve your security and productivity.

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