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Published 05 Apr 2018

Public Cloud Services

By 2020 worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is set to reach £190 billion. Of this, £37 billion will be spent in Western Europe - second only to the size of the US market.

This is of course fantastic news for those providers - Pro-Networks amongst them - that have invested heavily in what it takes to provide reliable and sustainable hosting of cloud-based services for their customers. However, that’s not the case for all providers.

Caution Growing

A growing number of companies are moving against the current investment trend, stepping back and moving away from the public cloud.

There was something of a trend for larger companies to opt for an ‘all-in’ strategy by moving many of their applications to a public cloud infrastructure. However, this trend seems to be slowing, with many companies now realising that a 'one size fits all' public cloud offering may not actually be the panacea they may have thought in terms of cost-effectiveness, ease of management and enhanced productivity.

That’s where quality service partners such as Pro-Networks are able to step in with what really is the only truly sustainable way forward: developing and delivering solutions specifically tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual business.

Data Protection

A massive issue for the public cloud is data governance and with the advent of GDPR, this is only going to become more onerous. The importance of partners that understand the requirement of control of data cannot be understated as companies become increasingly reliant on them for cover in this area.

Is Hybrid Cloud the new data paradise?  

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses joined-up mix of on-premises and cloud services (public or private) to offer the best of all possible worlds in terms of security and data sustainability, especially for certain requirements such as email.

Can one size fit all? No!

Pro-Networks has long evangelised about the importance of really getting under the skin of the customer’s business and its needs so that we can advise and deliver what’s really needed.

For some, a public cloud offering for a massive database is perfect, for others a Private Cloud Remote Desktop solution is the way forwards. Or perhaps a small local server with their email in Office 365 will suffice. It’s all about what’s right for the customer, not what’s right for Pro-Networks.

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