How Do I Test My Backups
Published 26 Jun 2019

Why Backups Don’t Need To Be Complicated

A second town in Florida, USA, has paid hackers following a ransomware attack.

This puts the total paid by Florida municipalities in the last two weeks at $1.1m.

Lake City has paid $500,000 this week, hot on the heels of Riviera Beach recently paying $600,000 to hackers.

I am always staggered when I read articles like this and the question I always ask myself is, Why?

Clearly we know the hackers “why” - $1.1m in two weeks is pretty good motivation. Why the victims didn’t have a robust, tested backup system is a question that needs to be asked.

Backing up customer data is of paramount importance to Pro-Networks and in the main is not usually a prohibitively expensive thing to do.  With prices starting from £500 for a small company it’s really a no brainer.

Unlike the Florida towns, Norsk Hydro decided not to pay the hackers to recover their files and so far the cost of recovering from the attack has totalled £45m.  Read that again, Forty-Five Million Pounds.

We are proud to report that not a single customer who has adopted our backup solution has lost data following a ransomware attack.

Our recipe isn’t complicated – back up the customer data to a third party device and verify the backup has worked. The software we use takes incremental backups every fifteen minutes. This means if an infection happens we can roll back to the most recent backup, resulting in practically zero data loss.  If the customer wants a subset of their data backed up offsite – we can do this too.  This can be to another of their locations, to our offices or to a third party data centre.

When disaster strikes our recipe for fixing the problem isn’t complicated either – isolate the source machine and fix it.  Check all other machines aren’t compromised and recover the files from the most recent backup. The most recent of our customers to have become infected was inconvenienced for two hours while the recovery took place. Two hours!

How do you know your backups are working?

Have you tested your backups?  If you do not know how to check this, we have invented a simple way for you to test the process in a risk free environment – we call it The Backup Game and you play it like this :-

1.    Today – create a file and save it on your server
2.    Tomorrow – delete the file
3.    One month from now – call your IT company and ask them to recover the file

If they can, there is a good chance you will be able to recover from a ransomware attack.  If the file cannot be recovered all you need to do is call 01244 526000 and ask for our help.