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Published 18 Jul 2018

The emergency services. Vehicle breakdown organisations. Insurance companies. It’s good to know that we can access talented experts to help us when those unexpected crises occur.

The Pro-Networks’ support team prides itself on the way it responds to customer requests for help during normal working hours.  In fact, we already operate a longer working day than many of our competitors.

For our customers, support from one of the best informed and most capable teams in the region, is critical to their business

For some customers, though, being able to access such expertise between 8.00am and 6.00pm isn’t always enough. After all, there are many businesses – financial services, call centres and the professions amongst them - who operate outside what we describe as ‘normal’ working hours.

And anyway, IT problems don’t always occur during the working day!

In response to these needs, the Pro-Networks team has launched a bespoke 24/7 emergency service as an optional extra for those that want and need it. We’re one of the first IT support organisations in the area to offer this level of support.

“We no longer live in a 9.00-5.00, five-day-a-week world,” says Pro-Networks MD Paul Crudge.

“Many of our customers are viewing the small extra outlay, as highly worthwhile element to their support umbrella, to cover those business-critical situations that can arise from time to time. It’s good to know it’s there if and when it’s needed.”

Interested in knowing more? Call the Pro-Networks team on 01244 535 527 for further information or a quotation.