Microsoft Partner for Expert IT Support, based in Chester, supporting business across the North West, North Wales and the UK

Credentials? None Has Better

Technical knowledge and ability is something we take very seriously – it’s our capital; it’s what enables us to do our jobs well and it ensures that you and your business enjoy the maximum possible protection. It’s also what differentiates us from our competition.

Better trained, better skilled and better Certified means a better level of support. That all of our technical staff are Microsoft Certified across the Microsoft product range matters.

Microsoft Partners dedicated to IT Support Wirral , It support Warrington, Chester and North Wales

Our Microsoft Credentials:

  • Microsoft Gold OEM
  • Microsoft Gold Desktop
  • Microsoft Silver Server Platform
  • Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider

Hard earned, highly prized accreditation that tells you’re in the safest of hands.

There’s Certification, And There’s Microsoft Certification

You’ll probably be familiar with Microsoft Certified Accreditations. Microsoft Certified Gold or Microsoft Certified Silver for example. You’ll also likely have seen the logos displayed across IT support company websites and literature – badges of honour, reputation and trust.

Impressive at face value, a reassuring seal of approval, but with so many providers claiming accreditation (some more legitimately than others) the Microsoft Accredited range of certification became devalued.

How could anyone tell the good from the bad from the indifferent support companies?

Microsoft Partners – Certification You Can Trust

Microsoft had a problem. More importantly, businesses had a problem. Who could they turn to and be absolutely sure that they would receive the quality of support they needed?

To solve the accreditation credibility dilemma, in 2011 Microsoft scrapped the old system and started a new Microsoft Partner accreditation scheme. A scheme so demanding that only a handful of support companies have to date been able to meet the challenges.

We are one of those few, newly accredited support companies.

We are one of only two Microsoft partners located in the whole of the North West!

Did you know?

We’re ahead of the curve. As technology evolves so do we. Training, Accreditation and Certification form the cornerstone of our commitment to world-class IT support.